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Unfinished software rasterizer written in Lua for TIC-80.

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Published 6 days ago


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Made an update to the sky, the camera and to the track (very post deadline, so beware if you're going in for a late rate). 


Nothing beats 3D from scratch, really amazing things coming out from TIC-80!

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Looks great. Now I'm tempted to go make a TIC-80 game


Wow! This is really impressive - I had no idea the TIC-80 was capable of this!

Might have to give it a try sometime...
(he says, still tightly clutching his "virtual" boxed copy of #Pico8!) :D


I am interested in playing around a bit with Pico8, to get some neato graphics going there as well. ;)


Amazing that you got this running and looking this good on the TIC-80!  AWESOME!  I'd love to see a game made out of this, I mean a racing game would be obvious, but a Star Fox style game could be great!

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If it has a CPU, someone will figure out how to play Doom on it. You are on right track.